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Question Kyokushin + Aikido

Hey guys, I'm Tino from Montreal, Quebec. Nice to be part of this site

I've been looking at martial arts up close and from a distance for many years but was suffering through addiction like cigarettes and marijuana and others too. It's a year I'm sober and now it will be 3 weeks I'm off the cigs. I feel great. Starting school in 2 weeks and moved back in with my parents. It's a bit of a drag but I'm getting my own gym in the basement which will be cool. Will practice kickboxing and so on maybe some weights, but mainly working on my striking prowess.

I want to join both Kyokushin and Aikido. I know one at a time would be ideal, that's why I want to start with Aikido since it's lighter. and I'm no stranger to hard work. I played sports all my life and was captain of my football team, trained in the gym 6 days a week, built like a fire-hydrant.

Mixing kyokushin with aikido would be cool for me, I can't explain why, they're just both my fav martial arts. I just want to know what you guys think

I know I might get some it's not the practitioner it's the style, which is cool, but I know that some styles work for certain situations. Like aikido can totally give the advantage if you don't want to hurt the a co worker or girlfriend or whatever. kyokushin is more like...for sport, just to see who's the best (but more for fun in my case) since I have that part of me that shouts out every now and then.

I'm also aware that both styles utilize different halves of the brain, one being the passive side and the other the assertive side. one yang one yin. i feel like my journey through martial arts, I would have to become proficient in both yin styles and yang...but maybe through that I will know which is my better half inside and out. you get it?

so I want to know what you think. Thanks
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