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Re: Grappling In Aikido

Then it sounds like his interpretation of surwari waza was beneficial to him and he found context in the form and practice.

I personally have found much in similarity to what I do in BJJ or combatives foundationally manifested in aikido.

I think this is a very reasonable thing seeing how aikido is supposed to be based on sound foundational principles of basic and correct movements and realizing efficiencies.

However, while that is the case....I think there is a BIG difference between theory and practice.

I think this is why aikido and BJJ can be great complementary practices. My aikido practice places a priority on foundational skills, core, internal strength etc with a low priority on application, tactics, techniques, and proceedures. My BJJ practice places a high priority on tactical success using foundational skills, core, internal strength etc.

The issue is not the practices, but the practicioners that are usually not adequately experienced and jump HUGE gaps in understanding and reach conclusions about application and thus, misrepresent, or mis-apply what they are in reality learning.

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