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Re: Aikido for MMA?

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Yeah, I did alot of dumb things over my life that have resulted in me having long term injuries, back problems etc. Not sure dong all them damn breakfalls were necessary or worth it in the long run.
Well, my shoulder injury was a freak accident since I tripped in nageīs Hakama.
The worst injury I had was as a beginner 11 years ago in a different style than I practise now.. Nage simply ignored my capabilities and made a full speed irimi that made me arch backwards causing a sprain in my lover back which followed me for several years..

To me this only proves that itīs the level of the sensei and his technical insight along with the general feel of the dojo that defines a safe practise invironment.
On a sidenote dojoīs with a good mixture of male and female practitioners makes for a more balanced training invironment with less testosterone and fewer accidents.
Maybe more women in here would be beneficial as well..?

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