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200 - That is just the beginning push-ups on the back of the wrists with fingers pointing inwards - then try with fingers pointing outwards - when you start to feel a little confident try someone kneeling or sitting on your back - good for the wrists - fore-arms - mind.

Henry Ellis
Co-author `Positive Aikido`
Thanks. I've just purchased the "Positive Aikido" and have enjoyed your web site and news of Rik and Jay.

One of the insights I've had in a recent five-day Zen sesshin, during rest times in between nine zen meditation sits a day, was that I want to focus more on fitness and budo (and less time on surfing and mountain biking, and eliminate golfing) while also keeping it challenging for our son to strangle me out too easily, using BJJ sport rules (he's not an accomplished 'stand-up' 'fighter', yet).

Osu, with a bow.

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