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Re: very compliant ukie's

Chris Evans wrote: View Post
"...very compliant ukie's... & become too confident..." does not just apply to aikido. I know plenty karateka & taichichuan-folks like that: it's the nature of the business.

how long does it take for it to sink in that the aikido dojo one's in is too compliant & predictable?

p.s. i'm still working on 200 wrist pushups for warm up (and 30 minutes of hard atemi), Henrysensei...not even close yet.
200 - That is just the beginning push-ups on the back of the wrists with fingers pointing inwards - then try with fingers pointing outwards - when you start to feel a little confident try someone kneeling or sitting on your back - good for the wrists - fore-arms - mind.

Henry Ellis
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