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Re: Aikido for MMA?

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Ask me how my shoulder is? I was uchi mata'd in May by a judoka...a Russian, that pinned my by burying his shoulder on the throw resulting in complete separation, Rockwood IV separation to my AC joint requiring reconstructive surgery with wires. I'm out of competing for the next year in BJJ and cab no longer complete in Judo ever.

I'll stick to BJJ from now on as Judo tends to be very hard on the body.
Damn.. I had a Category II to III AC Joint separation in May as well.. tripped in my partners hakama
mid air, that stopped the roll and send me shoulder first into the matt.
No surgery for old cats like myself, and no contact sports for 6 months. Only aikido for me is aikiweb and youtube.. which drives me nuts..
Sounds like a good plan to quit Judo. I hope you will recover fully Kevin, best of luck !
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