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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
3) I think that the categories of " IS proponents" "non-IS people" are vague at best and serve to distort a much more nuanced distinction amongst us.
Agreed, but sometimes quick definitions, though vague, are sufficient to move the conversation along.

4) Using Katherine's categories, I think that most people "IS" or "non-IS" are not bozos.
Agreed, so why are accusations of bozohood so common?

I think a significant part of the problem is that people feel like their teachers and their particular approaches to aikido are being attacked by people who have *not* taken the time to come train with them in person and/or who are trying to accomplish completely different things.

If I bake a blueberry pie, I might be open to comments about the crust. I might even be interested in discussing the relative merits of blueberry vs. huckleberry or mixed berry pies. But it would be really annoying if a bunch of people stomped into the kitchen and (without tasting the pie) told me I should be making a chocolate cake instead.

I'd also be pretty upset if my feeble protestations about the deliciousness of blueberry pie were met by a demand that I travel somewhere (on my own time, at my own expense) to demonstrate the merits of blueberry pie in front of a roomful of chocolate cake lovers. Never mind that I've never said a bad word about chocolate cake, and just want some peace and quiet to enjoy my pie.

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