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Marc Abrams
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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I have to say, Marc, it sounds like you're questioning Katherine's judgment about information received via the internet, and yet you're asserting the validity of your own judgment on information received through the same medium. What's the difference?
I have to say Mary, that you have a remarkable, uncanny ability to misread and distort almost everything that I say. Let me try this with you:

1) I agree with Katherine about the request for humility across the board.
2) Words on the internet about tangible items and experiences are simply not as "accurate" as actually putting your hands on tangible items and experiences.
3) I think that the categories of " IS proponents" "non-IS people" are vague at best and serve to distort a much more nuanced distinction amongst us.
4) Using Katherine's categories, I think that most people "IS" or "non-IS" are not bozos.
5) I think that only Dan Harden is Dan Harden.

I hope that this post has been made clear enough for you so as to prevent further distortions about what I said and what I meant.

Marc Abrams
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