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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post

Hmm, bit of Monday morning snark? Well, whatever. I've seen enough people go dangerously wrong through the fundamentalist approach for me to want to approach "scripture" with a good deal of caution. I don't see how caution does any harm here.

Do you ever wonder if maybe some of the things O Sensei said were just toss-off remarks? Do you think everything he said should be given equal (fundamentalist) weight?
Actually, I meant it in direct response to the supposition in the original post - that we don't know and can never know. Once you go there you stop, IMO, really trying to form an opinion - it's just some inscrutable mystery.

Sure, there were toss-off remarks. OTOH, a pervasive characteristic of O-Sensei's text is the repetition - all of the basic themes and principles are repeated over and over, in the same way and in slightly different ways. It makes those things very hard to ignore or write off as casual remarks.



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