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I watched Rhonda Rousey on Saturday night. She may not think a lot about Aikido but I think she was very centered as she entered right in Sarah Kaufman's punches and throughly dominated her in 54 seconds.
Thanks! I had missed that because I was hosting a dinner party (grilled lamb with fig & anyo (sp?) chilie sause).

Judo's wonderful, low delusional, training.

For me, I've had more injuries from that so called "gentle" sport than from all other marital arts/sports, combined: WTF TKD, karate, kickboxing, hapkido (my base), BJJ, & MMA.

Judo yudansha often scares me more than even BJJ's; I can tap out during ne-waza, but a brutally sloppy throw hurts too fast!

I do hope female MMA grows. Hope more of the recent London '12 judo women gets interested in the most honest combat/budo sport, MMA.

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