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Re: Heart in martial art ?

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I would not draw any "new age" conclusions, but it has been proven that the heart is much more then just a muscle or a pump. As such it is not so much "not widely accepted knowledge", but rather a matter of not fully understanding what is going on. It is part of what is called "new biology". New Biology goes against the old mechanistic view of the body and of nature as a whole. New Biology is about understanding how one part of that whole connects with an other part of that whole. It has tremendous consequences for the way we treat forests, plants, gardens, animals and humans. The problem is that this approach is fairly young, new biology started in the 80's - 90's and that the knowledge is still very incomplete. But everyone agrees that the human body is far more complex then we ever imagined. The heart is a good example. I have no doubt that new biology in time will have a positive impact on Aikido and other Budo. Although I do not know if one could really receive memories of someone else's life, when getting a heart-transplant?

Hi, I donīt know whether or not a donors memoirs would be partially transferred to a recipient other than what the documentary I mention above tries to prove ( I didnīt make the link obvious by underlining ) but if you klick "here" in post #6 there is a link to youtube where the whole documentary is available. In the documentary there are several recipients who describes the changes they have experienced about their skills and various preferences in life cross referenced with the donors skills and preferences. Also the article that is mentioned by aiki-jujutsuka talks about the possibility..
One of the reasons a heart transplant is possible is related to the fact that a heart has itīs own "brain" so well before itīs connected to the recipients own brain (this takes cionsiderable time after the actual implant) it controls itīs own heartrate.. so in a way itīs autonomous.. But I donīt know about these things other than what I have learned from the documentary.. I have googled the documentary and itīs produced for channel 4 AFAIR and it did start some discussion back in 2006 when it was released but I havenīt read anything that compromises itīs integrity as such.. but as you say itīs new biology..
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