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Tom Verhoeven
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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Thank you for this list - I think most of them are very good points that should be taken in consideration everytime anyone submits a post on a thread.

"However, I do not agree with this one; The Group Paranoia: There is no group. Dan's stuff is just very persuasive to very diverse people, who may agree on little else in life and in budo. Live with it."

As soon as individuals with a similar background or experience or conviction start to act and react as a group, then even if they live in different parts of the world they are in effect a group!
Perhaps you have time to rewind some of the threads and you will clearly see a group interaction.
Besides that some of them have admitted they were a group. As such there is nothing wrong with a group or identifying them as a group. A basic rule of politeness applies to an individual just as much as to a group. So there is really no reason to speak of group paranoia here.

Personally I am very interested in O Sensei's religious/spiritual experiences and the way this has influenced his Aikido practice and teaching. I think the importance of this part of his life is generally much underestimated.

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