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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
Assigning Value without Experience: Writing folks off without actual interaction, without valid experiences or with enough interaction to place real value. This goes both ways of course. You can have enough trust in someone who has had experience to then except that someones placement, though nothing replaces real experiences. Of course you have to make yourself available for these experiences and be ready to travel.
I'd add an asterisk to this, in that there's more than one kind of experience. This forum is also "actual interaction"; I don't think you can get away from that one. I don't think it's appropriate to try to discredit someone for being unwilling to pursue a face-to-face encounter with a person who has acted in a disparaging, abusive or arrogant manner in this forum. I'd call that instead making an intelligent decision.
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