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Heart in martial art ?

Hello dear Aikiweb members

Some time ago I watched a documentary on modern clinical studies of the heart that has made
me think a bit..

It was interesting and the subject of interest in relation to these questions I am asking here is
the fact that the heart is equipped with neurons, just like the brain and is communicating via neurons
to the brain and that the heart during repeated tests was measured to react prior to the brain upon various stimuli. The heart was actually setting off emotional reactions well before the brain became aware of the various stimuli, the heart recieved stimuli from the various sensory systems and relayed
these stimuli to the brain for further processing.. thats at least how I understood it..

Also in the studies of heart transplants there is a recurring pattern that points towards the fact that
a person with a new heart will often change his / her character personality and skillset and adopt skills that the previous owner of the heart had- for instance the ability to sing along a piece of classical music previously unknown to the person. The conclusion is that the heart has itīs own memory and this memory is transplanted into the new owner.

Theabove have been met with skepticism by the establishment and several doctors interviewed were not able to explain the results of the tests being made. Unfortunately I donīt remember the title of the documentary -I will try to find it if I can.

In my study of aikido I have come across several instances where the heart is being mentioned
as a key element in doing various techniques.
I donīt know much about the subject and I ask if anyone can shed some light on this in relation
to martial arts practise. How do we use the heart in Martial Arts practise and is it possible to
react instantly by "listening" to the heart without mental processing ?


PS. I donīt know whether or not the documentary actually tells the "truth", but in relation to
Aikido I feel it rang a bell somehow so please bear with me..
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