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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Nothing beats context.. and Janet as I've said elsewhere thank you for your heartfelt expression of wanting to achieve and preserve harmony here....Though we have never met I consider you a kindred spirit

In my own personal experience ( and it's been pointed out here more than once already) Context is everything...

The "real" Budoka I have met in life were extremely polite for the most part (as well as a ton of folks I know whose profession is (simply put) killing other human beings)...After all... when you can seriously hurt or kill someone the only thing that keeps you in "context/check" is your own humility and respect for others...

A real Martial Artist in my own experience strives only to achieve victory over themselves... through discipline, focus, humility, and respect. Having been there and done that...The rest is meaningless to me.

It was an evolution this wild eyed brawl at the drop of a hat Irishman sorely needed to understand and experience.

William Hazen
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