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Re: Belt color importance

Just to put a positive spin on belts and rank, for me it motivates me to be worthy of the belt. When I grade I do my very best to execute each technique with the required level of skill and finesse that would be deserving of the belt/grade. After I have been awarded my new belt/grade I feel a sense of duty and responsibility to act as one befitting and deserving of the grade. When I am in my club I try and be a positive role model to the lower grades, to help them where I can and to be respectful and humble towards my sensei and Shihans appreciating that I still have much to learn. I remember the first week I wore my hakama and how proud I felt but also how important it was that I take my training seriously and conduct myself in a manner worthy of the privilege of wearing it. For me the belts and rank keep me humble because I am constantly trying to prove myself that I deserve to wear the belt/hakama.
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