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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
I think you are in a bit of denial, Mark. If you look back through the threads the pattern is obvious.

When someone out of that group (and there is a group) posts something that is pertinent to the topic, it is ignored. That is why it doesn't feel like a discussion. It seems like a political platform.
My point is that in the overall scheme of aikiweb, those threads are actually in the minority. Just at a general, quick sampling of the General forum ... of the 25 listed threads, only two had people posting IP/aiki (DanWeb) type stuff. I would guess the sampling in the other forums is near the same. It just "seems" or "feels" like it's in a majority.

Now, as to the second sentence... How do you know it's ignored? Remember, you have people here who have anywhere from 0 year to 20+ years training in aikido. Do you think people with 10-20 years haven't had similar training experiences?

As to "feel" and "seem", okay, I can definitely see that, understand that, maybe not agree with it ... so, in regards to Janet's theme of the thread ... what do you suggest we do to make things better?

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