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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
As I said upthread, your position is well known. I even largely agree with it. That doesn't mean that it's productive to explain it *every* *single* *time* a more or less relevant thread comes up.

This actually does relate to Janet's topic in this thread. I think if people look at the overall threads on Aikiweb in each forum (excluding Non-Aikido), you'd find that a high percentage of threads do *not* have, um, DanWeb (for lack of a better descriptive term) in them.

And that is why I have no answer to Jun's point about how things "feel" or even how they "seem". That's a personal issue that I cannot help with. Why does this content strike to the very bone of people? Really, the overall sentiment is what Janet posted. Which brings me back to Janet.

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Thank you. It was an example, that's all. And my point is not, to loosely paraphrase Mark, "some people should shut up."

My point was and is very simple and applies to each and every one of us, regardless of how we train, why we train, where we train, etc.: Think about how and why you are posting. Is your post going to contribute to an ongoing actual conversation or be in essence a door slamming shut?

So if I were to re-phrase that paraphrase it would be "all people should sometimes shut up." I anticipate stepping out of this thread now, with a final plea for letting this be a space where people who train for different reasons and in different styles to have conversations.
In essence, I disagree with you, Janet. If you think about the overall arc of what you're asking, you're hoping that these "DanWeb" posts won't get posted so that threads won't get shut down or conversations won't get killed. In essence, shutting the door on "DanWeb" posts so that other groups can have their public conversations. You want to shut a door so that another might not get shut. But that's still saying to a group of people, please shut up so that I can enjoy this conversation. Now, I'm all for asking someone to politely keep to the parameters of the topic. If that means someone wants to keep the parameters to how their group/organization trains or does things, that's fine. I can bow out of the conversation.

However, stating "there needs to be a baseline respect for the disparity and breadth of all aikido" while also asking a group to not post is not the way to go. That's just asking people to shut up so other people can enjoy their conversation all the while saying that there should be respect for the disparity and breadth of all groups. IMO, it would be better to have people ask if the thread/conversation could be kept within specified boundaries (i.e. please don't talk about "DanWeb" stuff here).

I'm guessing we'll disagree. But I think we're okay with that (I am). We agree on things, we disagree on things. Makes for an interesting world.

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