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Re: Co-ordination of Mind, and Body

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
[To Dan:] How many Japanese teachers have you met with an open heart? Have you gone to seminars looking to learn or to find weakness?
I thought these questions were worth responding to, and that it might be more powerful for someone other than Dan to respond. So I'm asking to have my head handed to me, but what the hell...

How do you think Dan knows what he knows? Made it up out of his brilliant brain? Not 'arf, as our friends across the pond say.

The story about how my corner of the Aikido world was introduced to Dan is that an aikidoka met him at a Tai Chi seminar. Dan, so I understand, had formerly been very dismissive of Tai Chi and Chinese arts in general, had heard good things about the teacher of this seminar, and had gone to see.

Who won that encounter? Well, it's not about winning or losing is it? On the one hand, you've heard how Dan talks about the CMA's now, and how he emphasizes the Chinese roots to these skills. On the other... we're all training with Dan.

And that's how the arts grow. Get out there, challenge yourself, challenge others--fairly--and be ready to learn. Love him or hate him, Dan's done the work. Go thou, as a better man than I once said, and do likewise.

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