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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Thank you for your eloquence. I thought that was well put (they always are, in my opinion), for whatever it's worth.
I think in many cases the focus is more on the narrative than the conversation, if that makes sense, and I think that tends to cause us (I'm know I'm guilty of it) to pay less attention to the personalities we're conversing with; to shape our messages more in terms of our desire for delivery than in the way it will be received. Like Demetrio said (in another thread), people always apply theur own conceptions to any concept; I think it's unavoidable and putting things in terms of true/false or valid/invalid automatically changes the conversation. No we aren't all correct, but we have to respect the fact that those who are perhaps less informed (for the sake of argument) have the right to figure things out on their own. Right or wrong is irrelevant past a certain point. When it comes to furthering the conversation and promoting open-minded discourse instead of entrenched defenses of some narrative, we have to allow the potentially erroneous viewpoint some space to remain fluid. This means taking a proverbial step back sometimes, like you're suggesting. Now I hate to suggest to anyone to curb expressing their thoughts. The whole point of the internet and Aikiweb, as I see it, is to try to express our thinking, whatever it may be. But at some point (times like now for example), while maintaining that connection, I think it helps to let "aite" up in order to get them to reorganize in order to have something more useful to work with...if I'm making any sense. I brain has slowly been melting through my ear-holes these past couple weeks; in more ways than one, so I apologize (to all) if I'm just adding another muddled message to the mix here.
And for the record I think Dan has adjusted his rhetoric a bit. I perceive a real effort for tightening up his message to include something softer than what I've perceived to be his "blunt" (direct) point of view. I apologize for shifting some focus onto him for a moment, but my only gripe with him in the past has had to do with his way of communicating and I think I've seen that shift to a softer mode.
Once again, rereading my post here, I'm left feeling like I recognized something I cannot adequately describe...and probably not seeing the forrest for the trees...
Take care folks, and thank you for continuing to share your thoughts. This "noob" appreciates your experienced insights.

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