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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Looking back at the fist post on the thread in question, and the response cited by Dan in the first post by this thread - it seems to me that Dan's response is exactly on topic, in a discussion on competition or non-competition in Ki training.

Isn't the whole point of a forum about vigorous discussion from people with varying opinions? If that's not the desired result than a blog seems the better option to me.



I always take your posts seriously, but in this case I think you're wrong. I didn't read that thread at all, so I went back and read the OP and the post in question from Dan (here it is). He used the topic at hand as a convenient excuse to launch into an off-topic manifesto.

The subsequent posters are also responsible for the thread going off topic, as they respond to the manifesto instead of the OP. The thread doesn't ever get back on topic after that. Janet's point in this thread is valid, IMO.

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