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Dan Rubin
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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Even if I could truly "ignore" certain members, even if their posts were never "quoted" within the posts of others, I would be left with the annoyance and resentment of the remaining members. And threads would continue to be closed, and fewer (and fewer) members would contribute. Ellis had the right idea: members may join his IHTBF threads only if they have "felt it," essentially limiting those threads to members with something positive to contribute.

I suggest that Jun review the threads that he has closed and look for a common -- um -- thread. Might there be one particular member who appears in almost all of them? If so, might this particular member be in the habit of starting fights and keeping them going? Does this particular member have so much of value to contribute that his/her presence is worth the deterioration of AikiWeb?

Suppose that member -- if he or she exists -- were permanently banned from all but one forum, perhaps given his/her own forum, where he/she could be found and engaged by anyone who wished, leaving the rest of us in peaceful ignorance?
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