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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Jim Sorrentino wrote: View Post

You're mistaken. Jun made several requests:
1) Be respectful in your discussions.

2) Keep your discussions directed toward the topic and not toward the people behind the topic.

3) Contribute positively to the discussion.
He also stated an overall goal of "steer[ing] these discussions away from divisive and polarizing language but towards a rich and meaningful exchange of ideas, experiences, thoughts, and opinions."

I suggested five guidelines for implementing Jun's requests which I believe would achieve his goals for AikiWeb. I didn't mention Dan. My intent was to improve the quality of the discussion on AikiWeb. What is your opinion of each of the guidelines I suggested? In your reply, please "keep your discussions directed toward the topic and not toward the people behind the topic."
That's really funny. Those "guidelines" of yours are exactly the same things you keep harping to Dan about ad nauseum in your posts to him.

Jim Sorrentino wrote: View Post
Also, characterizing other opinions as "STFU" seems disrespectful --- please don't do that again.

Regarding STFU, read my post to Conrad. Twisting words to try to make me out to be a bad guy ain't gonna work. And using "please" in context with "don't do that again" ain't gonna work. You are, to put it simply, just another joe shmoe (as we all are) on aikiweb. If Jun has an issue with my choice of words, he will let me know. He always has. You, OTOH, have no power, right, nor responsibility to issue such statements. I mean really, "seems" disrespectful? "seems"? You didn't know? And if you didn't, why try to tell me to not do it again? Off of something you don't know if it was? Was that an attempt at being disingenuous trying to make other people look bad? Unlike you, I won't tell you what to do. Jun is more than capable of doing that.


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