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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

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It's not "STFU". It's "state your experience, opinion or disagreement, then step back and allow others to state theirs". I think we want to encourage the "far different viewpoints", not drive them away. I for one have come to enjoy the IP discussions when they stay on topic and maintain a respectful tone, on threads where they are relevant.

Having said that, Jun's remarks are not directed specifically at Dan or at the IP "theme". This is a reminder to everyone that it is not necessary to dig in and defend your opinion at all costs against all parties that express disagreement. Additionally, personal attacks are never appropriate, even in response to real or perceived personal attacks. We can only have a healthy, respectful discussion community if everybody contributes with that goal in mind.

Guidelines for maintaining collective sanity on Aikiweb:
  • Just say what you want to say (relavent to the topic).
  • Don't take it personally if someone disagrees with you.
  • Don't try to convince the world of your opinion (it's not going to happen).
  • Re-post if you have something new to add to the conversation, not just to say the same thing as before, but LOUDER (by dominating a thread, walls of text, bullying people into submission, etc.).
  • Ignore all personal attacks on yourself or others. Flame wars are genuinely harmful and upsetting for the parties involved.

Aikiweb is a very cool thing, and I for one have a certain fondness for the people on here that I have never even met in person (even the ones I disagree with!). Let's not give up on it out of frustration. Let's agree to go in a better direction for the benefit of all.

Excuse me now while I go clear my ignore list.


Let me explain in a bit more detail. Regarding Jun, I fully agree with his post. The only part that I have no answer for is this, "Yet, what I have seen feels like an increasing amount of condemnations, disparagement, and even seeming contempt for what the majority of people in aikido are practicing -- and are even enjoying practicing."

Me, the people I know, the people I train with, all do not condemn Modern Aikido (majority of people in aikido are practicing). There are many posts here by us that Modern Aikido has benefit and value. What we are stating is that most of Modern Aikido lacks aiki (Ueshiba's aiki). There's nothing I can do with how our posts "feel" to people. I don't have an answer for that. It's something each person must find in the mirror.

That most Modern Aikido lacks aiki is a truth. That there is a training methodology to gain aiki is a truth. That aiki would make Modern Aikido better is a truth. There is no degrading in any of those statements. No more than Ueshiba stating that aiki would make any religion better.

As for the STFU. I used a stronger term as a way to bring emphasis to the point. Note the sentence it was used in. Plurality of people wanting respect and a voice for all groups except for one which sort of negates the original premise completely. It was a point with emphasis, not a point against specific people.

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