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Mary Eastland
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Re: Co-ordination of Mind, and Body

Hi Mark:

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. It is your truth and I appreciate that even if I see things differently.

It seems to me that a certain group is redefining Aikido to meet what they are teaching. Which is fine but invoking authority about Morihei Ueshiba is a little overkill to me.

The testing you are talking about is probably skewed because of the restraints that Aikido puts on such things.

Leading the mind is good but it does not make anybody superman. If someone comes to our dojo or we go to see someone we are not going to try to prove a point or show how strong we are. We are going to either share what we are doing or fully be open to what is being taught. That does not provide an atmosphere for free expression of strength or ability. That is why those claims seem suspect to me.

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