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Re: Co-ordination of Mind, and Body

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
It doesn't matter that he said it. Alignment and whole body use is claimed in everything. Do you want to equate his work with TKD to boxing?
Of course not. Things are much deeper and have more meaning than that. I have never read anything really meaningful from Shioda or any other Japanese guy about what they do. Everything I have seen so far from a Japanese teacher is all but useless. I will leave it up to people to ask just why that is.
So, Dan, I am asking why. Useless for what? You say
everything every Japanese teacher is teaching is all but useless? That is quite a statement.

How many Japanese teachers have you met with an open heart? Have you gone to seminars looking to learn or to find weakness? Have you not seen one thing in Aikido that is good? What is your criteria for judgment? Do they have to be able to beat you up? I don't understand how you know you are better than everyone?

What do students learn from you that they cannot get from someone else? Do your students reflect this quailty that you possess?...can they pass it along?

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