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Re: to cross train or not to cross train?

Sorry to hijack this thread too >.<

Just wanted to ask, is it a good or bad idea to cross-train Aikido with Karate?

Karate was one of the first budo I've been exposed to that really ignited my passion in martial arts, but I left the art because the Sensei was teaching us Competition nonsense like "if he punches your face, purposely receive the blow so that he will get a foul." I joined Yoshinkan Aikido afterwards, and have been loving it ever since.

Since I'm going to university soon, and they have Karate Society but no Aikido society, I'm thinking of taking up Karate again. Though, I've already forgotten most of the things I've learnt, except for the basic blocks >.<

What do you guys think? Do these 2 arts compliment each other?
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