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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hi Bud
I hope you continue to offer your quotes....for the rest of the readership.
Incoherent, non-responsive myth making be damned.
Although this:
Ueshiba was a martial artist ..... He visited many a dojo and took what he could from each. No challenges, no put downs, no going around saying how useless so and so was. He visited and did as per instructed. If there was something to learn he stayed a while, if not he politely bowed and left.
......Was one of the funniest -albeit amateurish and ill informed- attempts at myth making I have read in a while. Sounds like a Jacki Chan movie doesn't it?
"When I used to go to other schools I would never challenge the Sensei of the dojo. An individual in charge of a dojo is burdened with many things, so it is very hard for him to display his true ability. I would pay him the proper respects and learn from him. If I judged myself superior, I would again pay him my respects and return home." (quote)

Look and learn.