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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
What was O-Sensei's attitude when you started basing your teaching around the principles of ki?

He was jealous and told people not to listen to me. He would say, "Aikido is mine, not Tohei's. Don't listen to what Tohei says." He would peer into the dojo and say things like that, especially when I was teaching a group of women. In that respect he was quite child-like in his directness and lack of sophistication—very spontaneous and innocent.
Interesting. 'Very spontaneous and innocent'

So we have a comment made by Tohei in answer to a question. A question to a man who was the subject of a rift.

Now I doubt jealousy was the reason. Probably another lesson for Tohei, looks to me like one he never quite recognized. ie: Not to show off and try to impress the women. That's more in charachter and fits how O'Sensei was.

Not nattering as it was directly to him, about him, teacher to student. As with most people O'Sensei could see through them which some found a bit un nerving.