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Re: Something's Rank - Black Belts in Aikido

Great read.

Ranking is difficult. As i try to wrap my brain and [hopefully] not contradict previous posts I have made. Generally, I am not upset with the kyu/dan system, but:
1. There should be a difference between teaching and practicing. The effort of ranking was to standardize skill groups... which are still not standard. I would like to see more effort to standardize instruction; it seems logical that breaking that group out of the whole is the way to go.
2. There should be Junior belts. I am sorry, but the 12 yo "black belt" is just confusing.
3. Politics needs to leave ranks. Chris mentions this one too. We place a great deal of weight upon our exposure too, and advice from, ranked individuals.

I still thing that what we have works, but eventually these issues will cause problems. Some groups are addressing the very things I mentioned; I am looking forward to how they address the issues and what results they experience.
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