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Keith Larman
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Re: Co-ordination of Mind, and Body

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
Fuel for your fire, guys:

'Karate experts are able to generate extremely powerful forces with their punches, but how they do this is not fully understood. Previous studies have found that the force generated in a karate punch is not determined by muscular strength, suggesting that factors related to the control of muscle movement by the brain might be important.'
Well, the old researcher and joker in me wants to say the study really only shows that those who know how to punch better tend to punch better which is not exactly a revolutionary idea... Doing it "right" makes for a more efficient movement. Hence more "power" when needed as compared to someone who can't get the movement coordinated right. And any good striker punches with more than just their arm... A good strike is actually quite a complex movement.

But yeah, there are some interesting implications here...

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