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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
That was directed at Mary and Graham. Those questions are aimed at their assertions. It's very simple really. Mary started a thread about getting strong with an uke/nage model.
with whom
At what levels
No one need talk about fighting. In fact I said IT DID NOT NEED TO BE FIGHTING.
No one need talk about me.
You guys.....make it about fighting and about me.

Mary, continues to violate the rules and talk about the people behind the posts. Whatever....
I asked simply questions on a generic theme about ki.

First off, I didn't make it about anyone, so don't lump me in there.

Second, you make it about you when you make posts vaguely reference the need for non-cooperative testing, but don't offer any followup on that idea other than talking about how Shihans fall apart against it, how everyone runs from it and nobody wants to do "REAL" testing. Considering your background, I think people draw a fairly clear picture about what you mean by "REAL" testing, whether you intended that or not. If it weren't about fighting, why take it in a direction that at the very least, strongly alludes to that?

You could have talked about the sort of progression you try to get people to follow when you show them paired exercises, aka ki testing. You don't have to talk about the exercises themselves, just the progression and use of resistance and pressure and honesty (taking ownership) that goes into that "ki testing" and such. I'm pretty sure we'd have a much different thread at this point. A spoonful of sugar... you know the saying..