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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

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FWIW, when I asked the question of what people do as ki testing, I meant it as an all inclusive title for any internal paired exercise, not just the ki society things. For simplicity sake, it's all ki testing, isn't it? It just makes it easier to discuss on an aikido forum, not that it really matters...

If you wanted people to answer the above questions or if you had something constructive to say on the importance of pressure testing in "ki testing", why didn't you make that post? While I feel that's kind of what you were shooting for, that's really not the post you made. When you go into these diatribes about fighting, you almost always get threads that turn to dross.
That was directed at Mary and Graham. Those questions are aimed at their assertions. It's very simple really. Mary started a thread about getting strong with an uke/nage model.
with whom
At what levels
No one need talk about fighting. In fact I said IT DID NOT NEED TO BE FIGHTING.
No one need talk about me.
You guys.....make it about fighting and about me.

Mary, continues to violate the rules and talk about the people behind the posts. Whatever....
I asked simply questions on a generic theme about ki.