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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
I think you are deliberately misunderstanding this. You know we have different criteria and motives for testing. You are using this as platform to market yourself. Which is fine by me. It seems like a really good way to do seminars. (no sarcasm intended)

I don't know how you appeal to so many Aikido people when you disparage their art...maybe you are just speaking what they really fear in their own minds.

Carston...don't be is all good. By the way, do you wear a Hakama?
Does it make any difference what somebody's wearing?

Anyway, Dan doesn't disparage the art - he does disparage many of the assertions made by folks practicing that art. So do I - and most Aikido instructors that I know.

He's more upfront about it than most, though...

If you meet him in person he'll show you exactly what he's talking about, technically, very clearly - and very convincingly. If you can show him something as good or better - he'll love it.

I'm not sure why the marketing stuff keeps coming up. Teaching isn't his day job and he doesn't make any real money at it - if he's lucky he breaks even or little bit better just to come out and play with us every four months.

We have a good time though.