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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Don't go there Dan cos every tryer in my book gets an 'A'.

Negative review in my book is deplorable, as deplorable as rose tinted glasses.

Mediocraty is?

Questions answered in the form of challenges? Another false view as far as I am concerned.

Ueshiba stated how that was not true budo. Tohei? I don't think you know enough about Tohei to be honest. I don't remember any of those entering competitions. In fact quite the reverse.

If there hadn't been a Ueshiba or Tohei I would be here still so that kind of comment is silly. I'd probably be doing I/P

Ueshiba was martial and when someone can act like him to any degree they can use him as an example. He visited many a dojo and took what he could from each. No challenges, no put downs, no going around saying how useless so and so was. He visited and did as per instructed. If there was something to learn he stayed a while, if not he politely bowed and left.

A 'fighters' view of pressure testing is warped and not Aikido as far as I am concerned. We all come across situations in life and real pressure situations where we find the truth of how it benefits us.

To use in competition and fighting come under another martial art actually, in fact most other internal martial arts, thus not Aikido. So it's all well and good people can learn about Ki and internal but thinking it's to do with fighting shows how they are not yet aware of the difference.

Graham, buddy, that post just has so much disillusion and twisted facets that I just would not know where to start to address it - however, I applaud you for being consistent in your disillusions