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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

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Not true
Only in Budo can you suck at teaching and get away with it. If you claim to teach swimming...and your students drown in a suck at teaching.
Internals and aiki are a great model. A singularly great model. Demmonstrably great model.
We need to step up and admit...we we can fix it, and not claim the model is flawed.

Mary brought up testing. Fine by me. The real problem is that people.... tested. and THAT is what is pissing people off. They fail over and over, time and time again and they are mad to be thirty years in and it is obvious.
As one ICMA grandmaster said:
"You cannot pretent dantian, you will be found out!"

The "real true martial artist" you mentioned? They don't mind failing, they see it as an opportuniy for growthQ
Sorry it is true. Plenty of not so good swimming coaches, football managers etc. etc. Budo is not unique.

We need to step up and admit....different we can stop thinking ours is the only way.

Mary brought up testing, Ki testing, and she no doubt did so because she knows how beneficial it is.

She also knows no doubt the benefits and wins over and over again that those she has taught have got through it.

Me, Mary, thousands of others already know and don't mind failing so once again you lose me.

Negative views create a negative scene.