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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
No...I am not. Those quotes apply to many budo guys...the greats...all did that.

Answer them

Define it. I have seen the result of decades of "ki testing" that were deplorable...laughable.
It is thee reason for the ki wars here and on E-budo.
Those qouting ki....couldn't do anything demonstrably different or valuable. they were full of pipe dreams made out of cooperatve practice.

Why... are there no Ki wars today with recent people showing ki?
You get your ass handed to you in ways that feel different and is demonstrably effective.There is nothing to person!
Dan I'm afraid you are just being negative. The Ki wars was just more of the same old negative trying to prove something.

I have seen the result of internals which were deplorable so what? Using such statements in the way they are used here on the web is deplorable and worthless. I have met many who practiced Ki for years who were 'deplorable' so what? It's not something to use to prove some point. You get it in all walks of life and in fact the deplorable managers and politicians and bankers etc. even get promoted so what's new?

To promote self by denegrating others is deplorable.

What you describe as people using Ki nowadays in your own colourful way is something which has been normal in my world for years so nothing new there.

If you are 'converting' formerly negative people to a more positive understanding then good for you.

He who understands martial arts knows it has many levels and is beneficial at all those levels.

He who knows Ki testing knows it is beneficial at all levels too.