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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

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Sorry Dan you talking about yourself as you quote others far more than most.You even finish with one.
No...I am not. Those quotes apply to many budo guys...the greats...all did that.

Your questions are easily answered so I don't get your point.
Answer them
Ki testing is good there's no more to say about it, it's straightforward and Aikido. All about harmony.
Define it. I have seen the result of decades of "ki testing" that were deplorable...some even laughable. We have made a mockery of some very good models.
It is thee reason for the ki wars here and on E-budo.
Those qouting ki....couldn't do anything demonstrably different or valuable. They were full of pipe dreams made up out of cooperatve practice.

Why... are there no Ki wars today with recent people showing ki?
You get your ass handed to you in ways that feel different and is demonstrably effective. If we are really discussing ki testing making you stronger...then......
There is nothing to person!

We are talking about a result aren't we?
I didn't start a thread about ki testing making people stronger
How much?

It's like calling yourself a true martial artist....and then objecting to being tested by a fighter.
Hence the reason people avoid being really tested in person!!!!!!!

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