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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

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So how do you feel going into aikido dojos and teaching what you teach, knowing that most will likely never test what they do to any "real" degree? Most will continue to stick with the cooperative model , though hopefully less so, and be happy that what they're doing is at least a little more authentic and potentially stronger than what they were doing before?

Was aikido ever about fighting ability?
The last first
Aikido was always about fighting ability...thats how you could control without fighting.
If Ueshiba could not fight....none of us would be here...including this site.
What he was trying to demonstrate was to be so good you could control without fighting.

As for what I teach?
It doesn't matter to me if people use it to fight or not, what matters is that
a. they learn the truth about Ueshiba's quotes and his power
b. The learn and feel and see aikido's serious lack of power
c. Learn how to fix themselves.
d. Learn how to fix the art

It doesn't matter if they decide to learn to actually fight and control with it. It is equally important that they learn to have unusual power to the point that those who want to fight or test them are met with a resounding WTF?? And the reputation of Aikido as one of the worlds finest arts starts to get repaired from all the damage over the years.
It's a long view that will take time.