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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

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It is important to realize that cooperative ki testing within the martial arts has sever limitiations and is all but utter nonsense when it comes to practical use of aiki outside of the "martial arts."
Most teachers and students I have met (well...all really) cannot use ki under high stress; they simply fall apart. I have a very strong belief that under severe pressure the Japanese Shihan (including those who teach ki and internals) would simply be taken apart by those who themselves develop ki in high stress/high pressure environments. And yes I mean the famous ones.
Don't get me wrong. I love the "Martial arts" like everyone else. I just never....ever...confuse kata based training, with fighting. It continues to amaze me that the Japanese teachers want all of this recognition and we offer it to them, eat it with a spoon, and no one sees the forest for the trees.

There is another step, past the "martial arts" that is indeed a higher level of skill and power...attained by very few men. If you haven't fought freestyle with unusual power and markedly unusual skills, then you are just a "martial arts" guy and should be very self aware and circumspect about your limitations. There is quite a bit of B.S. out there in the established arts that we should NOT be supporting. Although it is unwanted, is shunned and shied away from, Challenging teachers and methods is wise.

Isn't it odd that we continue to discuss Ueshiba's skill?
That we applaud that fact that at hombu Tohei could not be thrown?
That Saotome was known for not being able to be thrown?
Shioda and Shirata?
and we......are told to take ukemi or we are dicks?
How did that happen?
When did that happen?
Why can't we walk into a dojo and for those of us who have the skills just be ourselves and when the Japanese big dog can't do anything to us... applauded and approved of... as equally good as Tohei, Shirata, Shioda etc?
Time to wake up people!!

This mindset we have all but been brainwashed into believing limits us, limits the teachers, and it limits the arts. It is why typical martial artists get there asses handed to them by people who actually know what they are doing with ki and appropriate levels of ki testing.
Those who advocate this highly cooperative practice as a static dojo model...will forever fail and will forever...FOREVER....literally run away,,,, from those of us who know what we are doing with ki under stress.

I think most people in Budo just want to love their budo for whatever it is, and want nothing to do with real testing.
When it comes to budo nothing is truer than;
Do not look to authority for truth
Look to truth for authority

So how do you feel going into aikido dojos and teaching what you teach, knowing that most will likely never test what they do to any "real" degree? Most will continue to stick with the cooperative model , though hopefully less so, and be happy that what they're doing is at least a little more authentic and potentially stronger than what they were doing before?

Was aikido ever about fighting ability?