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Freaky! Re: Self-defense art?

Daniel Hulley wrote: View Post
wait you dont get jedi powers from training in aikido, damn I am so out!
You may get Jedi powers over your own mind doing zazen (shikantaza/mo-zhao) daily, under the guidance of a trust worthy Zen teacher, but I am under the delusion that dedicated aikido practice with an open minded martial arts sensei, along with jujutsu or hapkido "cross-traiining," will be fun and is likely to be useful when faced with the need to save a life, while unarmed.

Perhaps as I gather confidence with my budding aikido, I may drawn down near-daily punching and kicking practices, but I doubt that since the aikido sensei Henry Ellis, of the UK, teaches his aikido kata to practice hard atemi, running, and many push-ups.

Aikido training has given me the beginner's energy and enthusiasm that I hope will last a while as I have fun attempting to balance all that's worth repeating in my life.

OK, time to walk my talk...


"The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools."
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