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Re: How effective is aikido in self defense?

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Thanks for clarifying Graham. How do u restore harmony. Or more specific sense restore is an action, then the effects can be measured and modeled. So, if we can restore something, then it means it is lost. Thus we can model this. What is harmony? What does it mean to restore it? How do we know when it is restored?

Assuming I am in conflict with someone. We are arguing. I have land, he wants it. He feels it is his and I feel it is mine. How do you resolve this as a win win for both? We could split of down the middle, but one or both of us will still feel we compromised.

So what is the feedback loop that says..mission accomplished...I have restored harmony?
O'K' Let's take your example.

Firstly I say this, if you are arguing then you and indeed both parties are already out of harmony in yourselves.

This is the first and most important point to realize. Spirit and mind in harmony has no argument, is calm, not upset, happy and fells good.

Secondly there is a situation and the one you describe is who owns the land. You must find the path which leads to the resolution, just like the circle in Aikido. When both parties, being of sound and calm and amenable disposition (in harmony with themself) agree on a path, a course of action and are happy with it and whatever the result of such a path would be then they have found the 'circle' Harmony. It would probably take some discipline.

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