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Re: How effective is aikido in self defense?

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
For me, this is prostylization. For me it is also arrogamce. That is, another person sits in judgement and determines what is better for the other.

I think it is arrogant to believe u can restore harmony in another. (Whatever restoring harmony means).. I believe all you can simply do is set the example and expose them to alternatives, show compassion and strength. They have to make the changes for themselves if they want them. Happiness, if this is what u mean by personal. What makes one person happy might be different than another. We don't get to sit in judgement over this. With the exception of when ones happiness causes harm to others or self.

Again, look at the model closel. Self defense is a part of the whole. It is a what budo is all abut. The ability to be strong, unyeilding and to set a good compassionate example. It is okay to defend yourself for the right reasons. Look at the seven tenants of have to be able to stand up for them...this isn't just about a state of is about the capacity to actual do something real and physical.

All we can do is be the change we want to see in the world.

Religion is a good example. Some people find happiness through it, others have suffered greatly at the duality that it can create. Looking at how indigenous people lived prior to missionaries that showed up to bring god to them...I personally saw a lot of suffering happen because of it. All those missionaries had good intentions I am sure to fix those folks too.
I'm glad you said that. So now I see what you think arrogance is. You translate what I said as such thus you misunderstand what I said. It is actually humility and compassion in action.

I don't do to or against but return to harmony. This is my model of Aikido. Tenets of budo? I like and follow the five spirits of budo, five 'minds' and they don't conflict with what I say.

I am not contesting other models but presenting one. One I believe is the goal of Aikido.

For me the correct principles of religion, understood, cannot create duality but only more oneness and harmony. The true path of all religions. It's all dependant only on the awareness of those using the religion.

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