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R.A. Robertson
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Re: Superman

I'll mostly sidestep the issues related to comic book supermen, despite my having framed the discussion with just such a reference.

Since I seem to be on a twofold kick today, I'll say that training (like realization) is twofold. We train to maintain our abilities, and we train to improve our abilities.

Can we ever reach a state where an ability is as good as it gets, and is self-sustaining without upkeep? I suppose it's possible in some cases. Even then, I would imagine in a world of limitless possibilities that we would then turn our attention to the next ability.

As for cheeseburgers, I'd say as a devoted hedonist that I'd like my discipline to help me enjoy more pleasures, in greater varieties, in greater depth, in sustainable and healthy ways.

As for electric cars, I think some things have to happen before their time, in order for it to become time.
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