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Re: Superman

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
[\] Let me ask you this question: What training and goals does superman have and how do they differ from yours?

Maybe we need to realize we are 'superman' or 'superwoman' ......[\]
Hi Graham,

Realization is twofold: One, we become aware of potentialities we already possess, and from this awareness, can access them instantly. Secondly, we are in a constant state of becoming real. In this sense, realization is ongoing, generally gradual, but punctuated by significant leaps.

These aspects of realization can synergize or work at odds. Focusing on one can inhibit the other. Understanding the relationship between the immediate now and the ongoing now helps us see the bicameral nature of a single thing, a single process.

My point about training is that it should lead toward a kind of superiority, or else it is of dubious value. Now, I completely agree with your earlier point that we should not seek after super-natural powers, or seek comic book super powers. Even so, it's quite logical to try to get better at something, which means our ability and understanding is increasingly superior.

In my opinion, the endgame (which is endless) of any discipline should be the personal ability to thrive, coupled with an increased capacity to serve the well-being of others.

One key realization is that the personal and the social are inextricably interdependent. This alone should resolve a great deal of our current political conflict.
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