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Been busy for a while

Hi All, After an absence of 13 years I've decided to return to Aikido, mostly due to an expanding waistline ( I think I've misunderstood a concept?), stiff knee, bad back and the desire to fulfil a goal I set in earlier life.
I like the forum, there are many interesting topics of discussion to keep ones interest and the links to videos are an eye opener. I love the early postings of Gozo Shioda, his mischievous spirit shines through.
I think I have found a club to restart practice at, everyone seems friendly and the vibe feels good, they even let me try a few very rusty Ukemi (mat Atemi 3 Robin 0). I could not resist and a few Tai Sabaki followed hmm, stand up not bad, fall down not good, much to do and looking forward to training tomorrow.

Doing my best never to reach the level of incompetence I am truly capable of.
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