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Re: Dan Harden Returning to Orange County Aug 4-5th

Anthony Loeppert wrote: View Post

To those that haven't attended and are curious to the specifics, as I'm a total novice to Dan's methods, it would be folly for me to even attempt to describe or explain any of the specific exercises. I had a hard enough time repeating back what I had just heard the previous 5 minutes in the seminar.

I guess that is about all I have to say about that.
I'll add a small bit here..........
- Smallest group I have been involved in......... About 16....... It was the most fun....this being my 4th
-Most information I have retained (for me notes don't help later)
-Drove home the understanding (for me) that if you want to make your Aikido really effective you need to do this work,
-If not (and that is ok) then stick with the timing blending model
- There are others doing this work, Dan is not the only one
-It takes a lot of time and hard work to get any results
-It is not about Is not about Dan
-We were give some individual solo practices to help us along........
-if you want them (this is me talking here) then take the time to hook up with Dan....... If not then don't worry about it......
-Dan Is a real real gentleman

Nothing more than that........... Mark Freeman was there....... He is a gentleman also

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