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As far as I can make out, you believe that an occasional bloodletting in the form of a war is a positive (overall) thing for humanity. You support this by saying that societies that survived wars - well, survived wars (or "brought into the 21 century" in your words) and so participate in the move "forward".

Where do you imagine this move "forward" will bring us?
No idea, but it is obvious, from certain posts that some have a idealized notion of teepee living(tribal).
That somehow they didnt commit war, or murder on each other. Like some kind of enviromental view that people are whats bad about this planet or dont deserve it or are ruining it. Sheer numbers alone,
of people and people living in relative comfort dictates that consolidated nations and societies do better than tribes. Too which, many have said well the tribes were happy until we bothered them.
That maybe the case. I am not advocating war and bloodletting as a means "to move forward", I am saying it happened, historical fact. Call it ordered murder or whatever you want. Maybe you guys flying the Union Jack should take a look at how much thought went into savinglives in the decision making process of dropping the A bomb on Japan, to save lives on both sides. As a matter of fact , this country is as far as I know, has gone out of its way to avoid collateral damage on a large scale in its warmaking capacity, sacrificing many of our own along the way.Compare that to the Nazis or the Rape of Nanking where the few who would have protested were in fear of their lives and did not, our system promotes such descent and fair mindedness,our biggest problem is we are probably slow to act because of it. Had the Nazis or Japan developed the bomb first there would have been no warning.
Tribe is basically a nation on a much smaller scale, except the information exchange takes place on a much smaller scale, lack of uniformity of language, etc.
What we have now, in this country, is a bunch of special interest groups who want to take the country off in many different directions and the questioning of motives of the governing body is tre chic.
Among them,
The country is a bad country
The governing body has greedy, wrongheaded motives
The country has not tryed to adjudicate its foreing affairs with good intentions and spilled its own blood, for various no good reasons.
There various conspiracies to keep the masses dumbed down, not find cures for cancer, not explore space, not find better ways to feed the billions of people now living here, yet all those things are getting done.
I prefer living now , in the moment , rather than rewriting history, and going back to a tribal society.

You know making lemonade from lemons, and the cat is out of the bag already.

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