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I emphatically disagree. Tribalism worked well for humans for a hundread thousand years. Dictatorships have only been around for a couple thousand years, and they have only produced war, famine, and unhappiness for the masses.
Really? So I guess we are a country of 300 million are doing worse than the couple of hundred thousand American Indians in tribes before. I would like some examples of the tribes that saw no periods of famine or war or unhappiness. Dances with Wolves before the calvary arrived , it was not...if that is what you espouse, except for the part where the neighboring tribe is splitting skulls with the Sioux, for whatever reason.
Is is not possible to have unhappy or happy "masses" with a tribe. Tribalism worked well until the neighboring tribe decided it liked your hunting ground better than their own. Then the war and famine came to your doorstep. And please dont seperate the issues, I said dictatorships of just rule and there have been a few, but basically a sovereign nation under just rule ,whether it is a democracy , republic or they have a king. Obviously Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein can be ruled out as unjust, evil rulers.

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