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Re: Dan Harden Returning to Orange County Aug 4-5th

Anthony Loeppert wrote: View Post
Likewise. Once I have some time this evening and a computer instead of a tablet, I may write more. Or I may wait and process the experience. But I now have some idea what Dan does/teaches I can say unequivocally what he does he does extremely efficiently and his model is empirically driven. I respect the hell out of that.
I'm looking forward to your impressions, if you choose to share them! Dan is a very good teacher and has distilled some essential lessons on how to use the body in an interesting way. Like he said earlier, it's pretty cool how so many different groups are getting together to study this stuff. I think a community of learning is essential; to not only learning budo, but everything. It was this sense of community that stood out to me in the seminars at Ledyard sensei's dojo (...partly because I'm still pretty blind to the material being covered).
Glad you had a good time!
Take care,

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